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Evil-Dog - Outbreak Evil-Dog - Outbreak

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Great song, man. This track has had its special place in my favorites-list for quite some time. Truly one of the greats! I gotta ask you this though... is it possible for me to use it in an upcoming video/short film provided that I give ya credit?

Evil-Dog responds:

sure, credits me and it's all good, cheers

Come Back To Me? Come Back To Me?

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You know what?

This song reminds me alot of the song from the INK soundtrack
(What happened to you) Were you inspired by Ink, or something else or did you just come up the song by yourself, because i think this is a great song.

mrjerome10 responds:

i came up with by mself, i'm not profesional at what i do, i just mess about and if it sound good then i try and finish them, thank you for listening and you review i really appreciate it.